What Retailers Can Learn From the Latest in ‘Digital Wardrobe’ Apps

Retailers and brands considering whether to devote resources into building their own proprietary app, may be best to ask the first question: Does it provide value to the consumer?

With the rise in recent years of the “digital wardrobe” app, newcomers have assumed proper stage in placing value in the palms of their consumers, in a few different ways, and often with a free download.

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Kaley RoshitshWWD
Unstoppable, Shoppable Social Commerce

Exactly twenty years ago, I found myself addressing an audience, at the NRF Convention’s Big Show in New York. I was one of the courageous few that had the nerve (or stupidity) to tell a very skeptical crowd that this new e-commerce phenomenon wasn’t going away. I returned in 2000 and doubled down on the previous year’s message. I stated, “Your company must learn to embrace e-commerce; think of it as one more touchpoint in your brands’ embodiment”. Despite the wall-to-wall turn-out, I was not

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Sanford Stein
MeSpoke Says Anyone Can Be An Influencer

Imagine not having the Kardashian appeal, yet still feeling as a valued contributor to society through your own unique “social capital.” This is the benefit said to be provided by MeSpoke, a social commerce app aiming to offer the “everyday individual” this combined power to capture their audience through simply tagging the clothing and cosmetics they wear every day.

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Kaley Roshitsh
Startup of the Week: Meet MeSpoke

Sid Hasan left corporate America in 2016 to start MeSpoke, a digital community for retail shopping. The startup, founded in Florida and now based in Reston, is building a network with app downloads in 62 countries and some new recognition of its potential to change the apparel industry (see a recent Forbes article).

Here’s more on MeSpoke:

What is MeSpoke, exactly? A social media app for fashion. 

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Sara Gilgore